Translation Connectors

Seamlessly integrate translation capabilities inside your critical business applications.

Lingotek Software Translation Connector

Out-of-the-box integrations with critical business applications supporting customer interactions with software, mobile apps, digital marketing content, knowledge bases, product and support documentation, and much more.

We’ve partnered with the most popular enterprise applications so you can work directly in your native environments. Lingotek – Inside Connectors give you the ability to translate content without leaving your site – no working in silos, no switching between applications. Users can translate, localize, update, and publish global content within a single, uninterrupted workflow. As a result, translations are accelerated and the globalization of content becomes faster and more streamlined. 

Our Connectors provide access to our industry-leading translation management system (TMS) tools like easy-to-use workflows, Translation Memory, and machine translation. The entire process of authoring, publishing, targeting, optimizing, and personalizing web content is automated with our TMS. With Lingotek’s best-in-class machine translation solutions and real-time community translation and professional translation services, users can easily integrate translation into their existing enterprise applications.

Our open Multilingual REST API supports 23+ file types including the most popular enterprise applications in the industry. 

Over 100k downloads of the Lingotek Inside – WordPress plugin and 9,000 active installs from users who want multilingual translation of their websites. 56,000 Drupal users use Lingotek; our nearest competitor’s users only number in the double digits. The Lingotek – Inside WordPress plugin is consistently ranked as the best multilingual translation technology the industry has to offer.