Lingoport Connector

The power to translate is now inside Lingoport! Make your Agile Development truly Multilingual. Lingotek’s cloud-based translation and localization platform + Lingoport Globalizer Suite gives you the power to build a consistent, up-to-date, multilingual application.

As the use of Agile methodologies has become widespread, traditional software globalization methods have been strained. Relative to larger waterfall releases, Agile creates many ongoing small efforts, so the onus is no longer on cost per word, but now on automating the development and localization process and eliminating development and localization backlogs.

Integrating Development, Localization and Translation Management

To create this more efficient process, Lingotek’s Cloud-Based Translation Management System is now integrated with Lingoport’s Globalyzer Suite. These two solutions meet the needs that have been historically important for software development as it relates to localization and efficiency in the translation process. Putting them together is an important new progression that was previously disconnected.

The results are pretty exciting and we would love to show you how it works!

Globalization managers can press a link to:

  • check the internationalization status of development.
  • send resource files to Lingotek’s translation Management System.
  • track progress via Lingoport’s Dashboard.
  • have translated resource files analyzed formatting and quality issues.
  • reinsert updates into the source code repository.

None of this requires developers or localization managers to go off task to run manual scripts or tasks, or keep track of things in Excel.