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We know why you love Contentful

You are an innovator, a technology-enabled, market disrupter with a digital-first mindset. Delivering engaging digital products and experiences is what matters most, so you use Contentful to achieve a whole new level of agility and speed. You’re an out-of-the-boxer who knows there are no limits to the possibilities, so an unobstructed path to the future is exactly what you seek.

contentful translation connector

Headless CMS

A headless CMS is any type of content management system where the content repository “body” is separated or decoupled from the presentation layer head. Get Contentful’s take on what makes up a headless CMS. 

Digital Experiences

Digital experiences are not just happening on desktops and laptops, but are moving across platforms and form factors like wildfire. Structured content, with the right setup, can be reused and presented anywhere.

Accelerated Development

Digital-first means fitting content management into the agile development process, instead of an afterthought, to ensure your content will automatically be expressed within any new experience rollout.

Lingotek loves Contentful too

Both Lingotek and Contentful were born in the cloud. Our philosophies and attitudes are simpatico. We both know what it takes to build thriving global businesses, and we’ve built solutions to help you do the same. To be relevant in global markets content localization cannot be an afterthought and Lingotek’s translation management system lets language be incorporated into the process and it all starts with Lingotek’s Contentful Connector.

How our Contentful Connector works

Lingotek’s Connector works with Contentful’s infrastructure, allowing localized content to be served to your application, website, or software using Contentful’s robust API. Using Contentful’s content infrastructure empowers content creators and developers to work without getting in each other’s way. And when it comes to localization, it’s essential to leverage those same efficient and scalable workflows. Localization managers simply send the content enabled for localization to Lingotek’s industry-leading Translation Management System (TMS), where it moves through automated workflows and downloads directly into Contentful upon completion.

Content Creators

Your job is to focus on creating the content and getting it loaded in Contentful. When it comes time to translate, don’t spend time exporting, zipping, and sending content to the localization team. Let our Contentful Connector do it for you.

You simply submit content to the Lingotek TMS inside Contentful, then track the translation progress in real-time. When translations complete the localized content is routed back into Contentful,  automatically placing it into the proper fields with formatting intact.

contentful cms screenshot
contentful cms screenshot
Localization Managers

Once the content is sent to the Lingotek TMS, workflows automate everything from quotes, due dates, and linguist assignments. At your fingertips, you have access to the most powerful, yet flexible TMS on the planet.