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Brightspot Connector

The Lingotek – Inside Brightspot Connector gives enterprises the ability to translate content without ever leaving the Brightspot site. Other Brightspot translation connectors only take content out, send it to an FTP site, and then require users to put that content back into the system. Those time-consuming, manual processes are eliminated when using Lingotek’s Brightspot connector. 

Content Creators

The connector gives users access to Lingotek’s industry-leading translation management system (TMS), so Brightspot users can now translate, localize, update, and publish multilingual content within a single, uninterrupted workflow.  As a result, translations are accelerated and the localization of global content becomes faster and more streamlined.

Features & Benefits

Once the content is sent to the TMS, workflows automate everything from quotes, due dates, and linguist assignments. Allowing you to sit back and watch localized content return to Contentful.

Cloud Translation Management System (TMS)

A Brightspot user can manage translation directly inside the Brightspot platform, so there is no need to learn another application. You can access the workbench from any Brightspot page to see real-time translation status for each language. This ensures that your projects are on schedule by automating the translation of several types of Brightspot content:

  • Website Localization 
  • International Content Management 
  • Multimedia 
  • Print Publishing 
  • Localized Experience Design
Continuous Translation

Once the linguist completes the translation in Lingotek, the connector pushes it back into Brightspot, automatically rebuilding the multilingual version of the page. No knowledge of Brightspot or coding is required. 

Customizable Workflows

Setup default translation workflows, assignments, and publishing settings to automate many steps of the translation process. Save time, project management, and overhead by automating the publication process.

Cloud-based Management of Linguistic Assets

Reuse translation memories (TM) to reduce cost and increase speed and accuracy. Because content can be vastly different in different parts of your website, you can use different TM databases for each web directory. Use custom TM vaults, glossaries, and style guides for any project to customize where and when you leverage your TM. 

Translation Profiles

Assign custom translation profiles to Brightspot projects using Lingotek Cloud Configurations. Save time and overhead by creating and reusing translation settings on the page, directory, or website of your choice.

Bulk File Management

Bulk file management to select several documents and languages at once.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence that collects data and analytics to aggregate translation performance data across the enterprise. Translation to Match Your Quality Needs and Budget Machine translate low-value content, while professionally translating higher content. Customize translation settings on any page, or set of pages, to get the quality you need.

In-Context Workbench

Bring translation, formatting, and review together in real time to see the layout in context before downloading to Brightspot. Check character-based languages for page display issues and preview content to check for fit and layout.

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