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Congrats on choosing Brightspot, the perfect combination of robust tools and a team dedicated to your organization’s success. Brightspot was designed and developed by people who understand Content Management, and the solution reflects their passion. Their naturally decoupled and headless CMS platform makes it a breeze to deliver your digital experiences on any or all your applications. Brightspot was built with localization in mind, so it is easy to serve those digital experiences to users across the globe. Lingotek is proud Brightspot chose our industry-leading TMS to provide their customers with professional translations. We are confident that the integration between Brightspot and Lingotek simplifies creating personalized experiences for a global audience.

brightspot translation connector
decoupled and headless cms

Decoupled & Headless CMS

Decoupled Content Management Systems are becoming more popular because they make it easy to deliver content in any format, on any app. While some CMS systems are attempting to retrofit their platforms to be de-coupled, Brightspot was built to be de-coupled from the beginning.


Purposful Partnership

Brightspot works with your team to build strong relationships that create the best results. They work hard to make sure they develop solutions that work for your unique business challenges. Their Delivery Team is an extension to your own and works to support you every step of the way.
publisher informed translation workflow

Publisher Informed

Publishers and developers created Brightspot to delight their counterparts on your team. Their customizable workflows give you the power to streamline how you create, manage, edit and publish content. While many platforms “add” localization as an afterthought, Brightspot makes sure translation is part of the workflow and built their own integration to Lingotek’s industry-leading TMS.

Lingotek & Brightspot

Brightspot and Lingotek share a commitment to using cutting-edge technology to ensure our customers have the power to reach their goals. Our shared commitment made it easy for Brightspot to create an integration with Lingotek, enabling the process of localization to be part of your day-to-day workflow. And yet, it is backed by the most flexible and powerful TMS platform. It is simple to execute within Brightspot but leveraging your linguistic assets and content-specific localization workflows behind the scenes. Truly a match made in the cloud.

How our Brightspot Connector Works

Brightspot’s integration with Lingotek provides easy-to-use functionality that requires little training, allowing your content managers to send content to our industry-leading Translation Management System (TMS) on day one. Simply open your source content and use the translation action to start the process. Easily monitor the progress of your content on the same source page. In the Lingotek TMS, our automated workflows scale with you, making sure you can launch your localized content on your schedule. When your translated content is merged back to Brightspot, the relationships between the source and language content are maintained. There is no need to re-format the translated content, and you can easily review the translated pages in Brightspot.
Content Creators

Your job is to focus on creating the content in Brightspot. When it comes time to translate, don’t spend time exporting, zipping, and sending content to the localization team. Let Brightspot’s Lingotek integration do it for you.

You simply submit content to the Lingotek TMS inside Brightspot, then track the translation progress in real-time. When translations complete, the localized content moves along in your personalized workflow in Brightspot.

Localization Managers

Once the content is sent to the Lingotek TMS, workflows automate everything from quotes, due dates, and linguist assignments. At your fingertips, you have access to the most powerful yet flexible TMS on the planet.