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Best of Breed

You look to the best of breed when it comes to your marketing infrastructure because you want proven solutions backed by world-class companies. You want a content management solution built for the content creators, with a powerful, yet simple, user experience that supports collaboration. You need a platform that allows you to deliver that digital experience anywhere and everywhere. And, this is just one part of the overall puzzle, so you need a CMS that integrates well with the rest of your marketing infrastructure. Naturally, you selected perennial Gartner leader, Adobe Experience Manager, part of the award-winning Adobe Experience Cloud.

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Asset Management

AEM’s built-in Digital Asset Manager (DAM) provides a centralized repository for all your content and visual assets. One place to store all of your marketing assets, so you can deliver the right content in the right format for any digital experience.
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Part of the Family

AEM is part of the larger Adobe Experience Cloud, enabling you to bring your content management (CMS), asset management (DAM) and client communication management (CCM) together into one digital experience management platform.

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Campaign Management

AEM has superior support for robust, large scale, complex campaigns, and when coupled with Adobe Campaign (part of the Adobe Experience Cloud), you can put your digital content to work to deliver dynamic campaigns your customers actually want.

Lingotek & Adobe Experience Manager

A content management system designed for the enterprise needs a localization solution built for the enterprise. Lingotek & Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) were made for each other. As a leader in localization connectors, we focus on creating an experience that lives inside your CMS, enabling the process of localization to be part of your day-to-day workflow. And yet, it is backed by the most flexible, and powerful, TMS platform. Simple to execute within AEM, but leveraging all of your linguistic assets and content-specific workflows behind the scenes. Truly a match made in the cloud.

How our Adobe Experience Manager Connector Works

Lingotek adheres to the Adobe Experience Manager Translation Framework and best practices to seamlessly integrate the translation process into your existing AEM workflows. Whether you are translating sites, assets, or experience/content fragments, our connector pairs perfectly with AEM to ensure your content is available to every market, in every format. Start your translation jobs to send content to our industry-leading Translation Management System (TMS). Our automated workflows scale with you, making sure you can launch your localized content on your schedule. And, when your translated content is merged back to AEM, the relationships between the source and language copies are maintained, there is no need to re-format the translated content, and that translated content can be manually or automatically approved and promoted. We can support you whether you host it yourself (we support 6.4, 6.5) or are using the AEM as a Cloud Service.

Content Creators

Your job is to focus on creating the content in AEM. When it comes time to translate, don’t spend time exporting, zipping, and sending content to the localization team. Let our AEM Connector do it for you.
You simply submit content to the Lingotek TMS inside AEM, then track the translation progress in real-time. When translations complete the localized content is routed back into AEM for either manual or automated approval and promotion.

Localization Managers

Once the content is sent to the Lingotek TMS, workflows automate everything from quotes, due dates, and linguist assignments. At your fingertips, you have access to the most powerful, yet flexible TMS on the planet.