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We know what makes Drupal people tick. You are passionate about open-source and have chosen Drupal because you need a CMS built for the enterprise. It’s a solution that is scalable, secure, and supported by a large and active community. As you’ve grown in size and sophistication, your Drupal platform has met your every need. You’re able to focus on the digital experiences you want to deliver because your CMS doesn’t constrain your creativity. Backed by a thriving community of brilliant and innovative minds, your confidence is high in knowing your needs will be met today and into the future. Lingotek simplifies digital content translation by automating the process and flow of localized content.

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With over 1,400,000 users in 230 countries, Drupal has one of the largest open-source communities in the world. This community of developers supports content creators across every market and industry. The Drupal platform is constantly being advanced and improved, creating passionate end-user advocates!

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Built to scale at its Core.

Drupal can be scaled to support almost unlimited traffic across a global, multi-site infrastructure. This is why so many of the largest companies, government agencies, and leading institutions rely on Drupal to deliver their customer experiences and brand messages day in and day out.

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To provide a rich digital experience requires trust, so security is an absolute must. Despite the misconception that open source means vulnerable, the Drupal Security Team (backed by the larger community) has made it one of the most secure and trusted CMS platforms in the world.

A Relationship for the Ages

Lingotek has proudly been a contributing member of the Drupal community since April 2011, when we published the Lingotek connector, which is community-maintained although we remain the primary sponsor. There is a reason why our Drupal connector was one of the first and most successful: when it comes to a flexible, scalable solution for localization, no one can match Lingotek, so Drupal fits us like a glove. It’s also why no one can match our commitment to making the most robust and powerful Drupal localization experience available.

How our Drupal Connector works

Lingotek has taken advantage of the modular architecture of Drupal to provide the most robust localization experience available! Truly, a click of a button can initiate the localization process for your content; and when that is complete, the translated content is returned automatically — ready to be served up. Or, if you prefer, simply set it up so you don’t even have to click that button and have newly created or updated content automatically localized when saved in Drupal. And, while we simplify and automate the experience of localization in Drupal for content creators, it is all still backed by the most powerful and scalable workflows in our enterprise Translation Management System (TMS). So, it can be simple for content creators and still provide the full range of robust and customizable capabilities of an enterprise TMS for your localization managers.

Content Creators

Your job is to focus on creating the content and getting it loaded in Drupal. When it comes time to translate, don’t spend time exporting, zipping, and sending content to the localization team. Let our Drupal Connector do it for you.

You simply submit content to the Lingotek TMS inside Drupal, then track the translation progress in real-time. When translations complete the localized content is routed back into Drupal,  automatically placing it into the proper fields with formatting intact.

Localization Managers

Once the content is sent to the Lingotek TMS, workflows automate everything from quotes, due dates, and linguist assignments. At your fingertips, you have access to the most powerful, yet flexible TMS on the planet.


Simplify content translation for Drupal CMS with Lingotek's translation connector by automating the process and flow of localized content.