Zendesk Connector

The Power to Translate is Now Inside Zendesk! Make your Zendesk Knowledge Base Multilingual. Lingotek’s cloud-based translation and localization platform gives you the power to build a consistent, up-to-date, multilingual knowledge base.

Lingotek’s Zendesk Connector

Zendesk is a knowledge base platform combined with a fully integrated online ticketing system. With our connector, professionally translate your Zendesk knowledge base – including its articles, sections, and category labels.

Key Features
  • Translate your knowledge base
    • Professionally translate knowledge base articles, sections, and category labels.
  • Monitor translations in one central portal
    • Request translations in bulk or for an individual page.
    • Track your progress at a glance with color coded icons.
    • Check status for content in specific collections.
  • Zero in on new content
    • Any time you update the page, only the new content is sent up to translation. Just pay to translate the updates.
  • Publish immediately
    • Save on translation overhead by setting up your content to publish automatically as soon as a translation is complete.
  • Streamline project management
    • Automate project creation and assignment with Lingotek workflows.
    • Automatically trigger emails to reviewers when the translation is complete.
  • Preview
    • Preview completed translations – in context – before publication.
Business Benefits

The Zendesk + Lingotek connector brings all of the benefits of your Zendesk knowledge base to an international audience.

  • Empower customers
    • Help customers find their own answers – in their own language. 
  • Lower overhead costs, and minimize human error
    • The connector automatically builds a new page once its translation is complete – page structure included.
    • Rebuild knowledge base articles quickly and painlessly.
    • No need to copy and paste content manually. 
  • Search is still simple
    • Users can search for content in their own language. 
  • Focus resources on highest value content
    • Have a limited translation budget? Translate just the most important articles into the most important languages. 
  • Balance cost & quality
    • Lingotek lets you customize your translation workflow. Add professional translation with several rounds of review, or perform a machine translation with a single professional review. You can choose the right workflow for your budget and needs.
    • Add additional review steps to the translation workflow for extremely important content.