Eloqua Connector

The power to translate is now Inside Oracle Eloqua! Learn how easy it is to make your marketing automation campaigns multilingual.

Lingotek – Inside Oracle Eloqua Connector

Broaden your marketing reach and improve customer experience with personalized content delivered in your customer’s native language. Lingotek’s cloud-based localization platform gives you the power to continuously deliver consistent, up-to-date, multilingual content in 250+ languages with access to our industry-leading translation management system (TMS).

Eloqua users can now translate, localize, update, and publish multilingual content in a single, uninterrupted workflow. As a result, translation is accelerated and delivery becomes faster and more streamlined.

  • Manage translation inside your existing application.
  • Access to Lingotek’s industry-leading translation management system (TMS).
  • Translation options for every budget.
  • Request translation from any page with a single click.
  • Make content multilingual in minutes.
  • Real-time project status display.
  • Quick, convenient search feature.
  • Bulk translation file management.
  • Customizable, easy-to-use workflows.
  • Reusable translation profiles automate translation management.
  • Protects and maintains your file formatting.
Business Benefits
  • No need to learn a new system.
    • Request, preview, and publish translations with a Google Chrome extension.
  • Access translation tools from any page.
  • Easily request translations for:
    • Single words.
    • Every word on a page.
  • Request translations for a single language or multiple languages.
  • See translation status for every project at a glance:
    • Completed translations.
    • Translations in process.
    • Translations behind schedule.
    • Translations that have changed and need updating.
  • Quickly locate the files you’re looking for.
    • Search by title and eliminate endless scrolling.
  • Choose the right workflow to match your budget, content type, and quality needs:
    • Professional translation.
    • Add one or several rounds of review.
    • Machine translation.
    • Machine translation with post-edit review.
  • No need to reformat! Headings, images, tables, etc. all stay intact.
  • Set up automatic notifications and review to put your translations on autopilot.