Salesforce Connector

Translation Inside Salesforce CRM. Translate Salesforce knowledge base articles, leads, cases & more!

Lingotek’s Salesforce Connector

The Lingotek Salesforce Connector offers the professional-grade translation of customer relationship management (CRM) content: knowledge base articles, leads, cases, case comments, and more. This out-of-the-box Salesforce integration provides access to our industry-leading translation management system (TMS) giving you the power to offer consistent, up-to-date multilingual knowledge base articles and information for global users.

Key Features
  • Rebuild multilingual knowledge base articles quickly and painlessly.
  • Manage translation and publishing of knowledge base articles at the article level.
  • Translate knowledge base articles, leads, cases, and case comments. 
  • Choose between machine translation and human translation workflows.
  • Once translated, users can select the language to view the article in.
  • Professionally translate the field sets of your choice.
  • Preview translations prior to publication.
Business Benefits
  • Bring content to global users by automatically publishing completed translations to your knowledge base.
  • Leverage/reuse translations from other connected systems.
  • Save training and licensing fees. Translators can rebuild knowledge base pages simply by completing a translation. Lingotek rebuilds each translated page behind the scenes as soon as it is finished.
  • Reduce administrative costs. Salesforce administrators can manage translation for many languages in one Salesforce application. 
  • Expand user base. Display content in users’ native language with a simple language switcher (available on each multilingual page).
  • Translate more content. Professionally translate field sets and field set labels to keep forms standardized and fully translated.
  • Get granular coverage. Quickly and easily identify and translate the field set labels of your choice.
  • Save overhead costs. Automate most of the PM process with a Lingotek workflow: choose default assignees, languages, and more.
  • Get convenient followup. Automatic email alerts notify the next assignee when a new task is ready.
  • Translate into new languages. Easily translate your site into new languages by adding the desired language to your site.

Streamline Translation 

  • Bulk select documents
  • Choose target language(s) (for translation)
  • Send articles to translation

Bulk document translation in Salesforce

Native Language

View any page in your native language with the language selector at the top of the page.

View any salesforce document in your native language