Originally written by Lee Ribeiro – Oracle Product Marketing Manager

Oracle Content & Experience product leaders are pleased to announce another exciting strategic partnership with translation technology experts, Lingotek. This partnership provides OCE customers the ability to initiate and monitor the translation process of any content right from within the native OCE system. Once submitted, there are customizable, easy-to-use workflows that govern the flow of content to achieve the desired outcomes of quality, timeline, and cost.

Lingotek, the leader in innovative translation solutions, was the first to introduce cloud-based translation management technology to the market. Today, Lingotek also offers a well-established network of professional translation experts throughout the globe in addition to robust APIs which integrate seamlessly with Oracle Content and Experience’s application.

“With an out-of-the-box connector for OCE, and connectors into other Oracle products like Eloqua and WebCenter Content and Sites, a strategic partnership between Oracle and Lingotek just makes sense, ” says Jeff Labrum, CEO at Lingotek. “These deep connections between Oracle’s products and the Lingotek Translation Technology really streamlines the translation of digital assets and leverages the power of our combined solutions. This really is a win-win for our joint enterprise customers.”

This provides OCE customers the capability to handle regionalized content tasks and global teamwork processes in a much more dynamic way including:

  • Creating multilingual content very efficiently including providing real-time translation status
  • Automated translation profiles simplify the submission of multilingual content
  • Integrated glossaries, translation memory, and machine translation increase the speed and reduce the cost of translation
  • Customizable translation workflows provide flexibility in content type, quality, and budget needs

The ability to have an international presence rapidly localized for global markets is critical for enterprise organizations.  The localization process can be a painstaking one that drains time and effort away from other mission-critical activities.  By streamlining this process through OCE, our customers reap the benefits of a truly global content management hub.  Lingotek is a long-term partner of Oracle and is currently listed on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace as a translation provider for Oracle Eloqua.