Cloud-Based Translation Technology

The most powerful and flexible TMS, built for business growth.

Lingotek’s translation management system stands apart from all the rest. It’s the only TMS that scales with your business while giving you the tools to optimize translation quality and cost.

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Translation connectors integrated with critical business systems.

Out-of-the-box integrations with your most popular business platforms supporting every aspect of your business – digital marketing, product management, software development, customer service, and support. By rebuilding content inside your business systems, you save time and money. 

Insights to help you improve your localization investments.

Prudent business expansion demands that you know which markets are contributing to your bottom line and then optimizing conversion in those markets. Lingotek Intelligence delivers engagement insights to help you confidently grow into a global business.

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Translation Optimization

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In-Context Review

Get a real-time visual preview of how your translations will appear in the final document. You’re able to see how your work relates to other content on the page, see potential problems with formatting or layout sooner, and can resolve any conflicts as they come up.

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Real-Time Feedback

Creating the best translation includes feedback about tone, voice, intent, consistency, and other characteristics that determines the success of a translation. Our platform supports TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework, LISA, and your own criteria for quality evaluation.
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Automated Content Exchange

Lingotek provides connectors into some of the most popular CMS platforms and automates the movement of translated content. No more exporting and emailing content to translators. No more tracking assignments, due dates, and changes, then importing back into the CMS.

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Automated Quote Approval

With established rate charts for your vendors, simply submit the content you want to be translated and review the final quote. As you make any necessary adjustments, the quote automatically gets updated to reflect your changes. When everything looks good, approve the quote and assign it to a specific PO or retainer – all within the Lingotek Platform.

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Automated Assignments

Simply configure your workflows with target language specific assignments, and know that your content will automatically be assigned to the right linguist(s) for the job – each and every time. If the primary workflow shows delays, secondary and tertiary workflows can be established to ensure translation meets project deadlines.

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Automated Due Dates

To deliver translated content on time, every time take advantage Lingotek’s automated due dates. When creating content delivery SLAs, include due dates for each task in your workflow supporting the final delivery due date. This drives accountability for on-time delivery whether you rely on one vendor or have a multi-vendor supply chain. You see who delivered on time and who delivered late.