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The Personalized Buyer’s Journey

You chose Marketo Engage because you understand every buyer’s journey is different. You need a tool to make sure each buyer receives an email that appeals to them. You chose the solution that allows you to ensure buyers land on web pages that entice them to start a conversation. Marketo’s powerful analytics show you which are the best messages, so you can quickly adapt and improve your other content. At the same time, your lead and account-based experiences are entirely automated, so you never need to miss a step. You are confident that Marketo is the tool to guide buyers through a complex journey. We are confident that Lingotek will simplify the process of creating personalized experiences for a global audience.

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Part of the Family

Marketo Engage is part of the larger Adobe Experience Cloud, enabling you to bring your client communication management (CCM), content management (CMS), and asset management (DAM) together into one digital experience management platform.

Experience Automation

Marketo’s robust data insights allow you to adapt content based on real-time customer insights. Create and provide personalized customer experiences for every buyer. Track content that works best for your audience and ensures new and existing content is improved to match.

Cross-Channel Engagement

You can be sure your content is meeting your buyers’ needs whether they are online, offline, on the web, or email. Marketo uses information about anonymous visitors so they receive personalized experiences just like they would if they had an account.

Lingotek & Marketo Engage

Marketo allows you to create beautiful, engaging, and individualized content for all your buyers. Lingotek perfectly compliments Marketo by ensuring your personalized content is tailored for your global audience. As a leader in localization connectors, we focus on creating a simplified experience that works with Marketo, making localization easy as a click of a button. And yet, it is backed by the most flexible, and powerful, TMS platform. Simple to execute within Marketo, but leveraging all of your linguistic assets and content-specific workflows behind the scenes.

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Side Notes
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Start with learning more about Lingotec’s translation management system (TMS).

See how an integrated intelligence dashboard gives you insights into what your translation dollars are doing.

How our Marketo Engage Connector Works

The Lingotek Marketo connector leverages our Lingotek Marketplace Chrome extension, allowing you to avoid the hassle of complicated installs and setup. Launch the extension while in Marketo’s Design Studio and start translating emails, forms, landing pages, snippets, and templates. Our extension provides easy to use functionality that requires little training, allowing your content managers to send content to our industry-leading Translation Management System (TMS) one day one. Our automated workflows scale with you, making sure you can launch your localized content on your schedule. When your translated content is merged back to Marketo, the relationships between the source and language content are maintained. There is no need to re-format the translated content.
Content Creators

Your job is to focus on creating the content in Marketo. When it comes time to translate, don’t spend time exporting, zipping, and sending content to the localization team. Let our Marketo Connector do it for you. You simply submit content to the Lingotek TMS inside Marketo, then track the translation progress in real-time. When translations complete the localized content is routed back into Marketo, where you can add them to your next campaign.

Localization Managers

Once the content is sent to the Lingotek TMS, workflows automate everything from quotes, due dates, and linguist assignments. At your fingertips, you have access to the most powerful, yet flexible TMS on the planet.