Mexico Vacation Giveaway

How do I qualify?

You can qualify for this reward by completing a product demo with a Lingotek representative during Acquia Engage 2020.

What’s included?

The winner will receive a certificate that is good for one room (1-4 guests) for up to 7 nights at select resorts in Mexico (Vidanta or similar).

Is there an alternate prize?

If the winner prefers not to accept the travel award certificate, he/she may opt instead for a $300 visa gift card.

Is there a deadline for travel arrangements?

The certificate code must be registered within 3 months of receiving it from Lingotek and travel can be arranged for 12 months after registration.  Travel dates are available 2-3 weeks after registration.

Are upgrades allowed?

Yes! But, you are responsible for all upgrades at the time of registration.  There are wonderful options to upgrade to a higher tier resort and/or room type at affordable prices (based on availability).  Lingotek is not responsible to pay any upgrade fees on your behalf.  

Are there blackout dates?

The properties, destinations, check-in dates offered under this Certificate may change without notice, are subject to availability, and blackout dates may apply.  Bookings over peak holiday dates (Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc.) are likely unavailable. 

Are there any additional fees?

Resort fees vary by resort and room type but are typically under $150 total per stay.  Resort fees and taxes will depend on the resort and room type that you select. Lingotek is not responsible to pay for any resort fees, taxes, or other charges that you incur as a result of redeeming your certificate. 

Is airfare included?

No. The winner will be responsible for their own transportation arrangements throughout the duration of their trip.  Lingotek will not be responsible for any expenses incurred before, during, or after the trip. 

Is it even safe to travel because of COVID-19:

The winner of this certificate will be required to sign a COVID-19 liability release waiver that removes any liability towards Lingotek. By accepting the certificate the winner officially releases Lingotek from liability or damages resulting from the redemption of the certificate and subsequent travel.