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Linguistic Quality Evaluation

Lingotek’s Linguistic Quality solution ensures the delivery of high-quality translation by integrating quality evaluations and reporting inside its cloud translation management system (TMS).

Lingotek’s Linguistic Quality Evaluation

Trying to assess translation quality requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Even the most globalization-savvy enterprises with internal localization departments, still resort to spreadsheets and labor-intensive manual processes to evaluate translation quality. There are no tools on the market to create or administer a quality program at scale, until now. Introducing Lingotek’s integrated, tech-enabled solution for linguistic quality evaluation (LQE).

Integrated Quality Evaluation & Reporting

Lingotek’s Linguistic Quality Evaluation (LQE) solution ensures the delivery of high-quality translation by integrating quality evaluations and reporting inside its cloud translation management system (TMS). Lingotek’s tech-enabled LQE solution makes managing quality at scale easier and more automated for enterprises that rely on several language vendors and multiple linguists. The Lingotek LQE app produces customer-accessible data and reports so you no longer have to question whether or not you’re getting what you’ve paid for with regard to translation quality.

Customizable Solutions for your Quality Program

Creating and setting up a quality program can be challenging and time consuming. The Lingotek LQE streamlines, automates, and integrates the process. Our technology allows customization of the core components needed to create a best-in-class quality program:
  • Choose an industry standard (DQF, LISA, etc.) or create your own program.
  • Define error types, categories, and severities.
  • Build dynamic scorecards for scoring by content type, domain, connector, etc.
  • Establish a standardized word count (e.g. 1000 words) as a baseline for comparing quality scores of documents of different lengths.
  • Manage versions when adjustments are made to any setting in the program.
  • Create a quality program(s) that can be applied to future projects.
  • Execute quality evaluation during translation.
  • Provide a feedback mechanism for scoring and grading translation quality.
  • Analysis and reporting on quality over time.

Adding Quality Evaluation to Workflows

Once your quality program is created, we’ll work with you to make adjustments to your workflows to incorporate your LQE program into the translation process. Your linguists will work within the pre-defined standards of your quality program and will be continuously evaluated on the quality of completed translations.

Linguistic Feedback

A critical component of a good LQE program is providing feedback to linguists so they can adjust future translations accordingly. Typically, this is done weeks after the translations have been completed. In the meantime, your linguists will continue to make the same mistakes until they receive feedback. With Lingotek LQE, linguists can download a quality report for their translations in real-time, giving them the immediate feedback that leads to higher translation quality:

  • Reduce the communication burden between you, project managers, and/or quality managers.
  • Allow linguists/translators to immediately review errors and comments to improve the future quality of your projects.
  • Identify areas of improvement and future training topics.