Translation Memory: 3 Things Every Translation Buyer Should Know

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Translation Memory: 3 Things Every Translation Buyer Should Know

From fuzzy matches to real-time sharing & reuse

Translation Memories

Tyson Shelley | March 2017

Understanding Translation Memory (TM) is absolutely key when buying translation services. When buying anything, the three most important things are time, quality, and cost. Translation Memory is a huge linguistic asset in all three areas: TM can make your translation process faster, better, and cheaper.

What is Translation Memory?
Translation Memory is a database of source language and target language pairs. These pairings typically happen at the sentence level while a translator is working. So, each time a sentence is translated, the software that the translator is using is saving the work into a format that can be leveraged on a future translation.

TM speeds up translation
Translation Memory removes the need to duplicate effort, thus saving the time it would have taken to retranslate content. Mature TM technology, such as Lingotek, also enables real-time look-up during the translation process, enabling teams of translators to leverage each other’s translations and shorten turnaround times in the translation process.

TM improves quality
If you need to have a website translated, your content is bound to have repeated text. Translation Memory ensures that the translated versions of your content will be consistent. Inconsistent word choices can dilute your brand and confuse readers.

TM saves money & lowers translation costs
By using TM to leverage past translations, you’re able to avoid paying for work that has already been done. Before starting translation for a new piece of content, the document(s) should be compared against the translation database. The Lingotek Analysis Report (shown below) outlines how the document’s word count matches up against the TM.

TM pricing options
The four primary categories for pricing considerations are No Match, Fuzzy, Exact and Repetitions. Typical per-word translation rates for each category are as follows:

No match: Full per-word translation rate
Fuzzy match: Discounted per-word translation rate
Exact match: No charge
Repetitions: No charge

TM Chart

Immediate, real-time reuse with Lingotek’s cloud TMS
Lingotek’s cloud-based Translation Management System leads the pack when it comes to Translation Memory capabilities. Not only does Lingotek’s system create Translation Memory in real-time, it also makes the database available for reuse immediately across your organization’s content. Cross-departmental savings achieved with Lingotek can be as high as 33%, resulting in millions of dollars in savings. So, whether you have millions of words or a few thousand, Lingotek will ensure you’re translating as efficiently as possible.

To learn more about how Lingotek TM technology can save you time, increase your translation quality and reduce your costs, contact us.

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