Personalization and Localization: How Individualized Experiences Drive Results

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Personalization and Localization: How Individualized Experiences Drive Results

Calvin Scharffs - VP of Marketing, Lingotek
Calvin Scharffs
VP of Marketing
Cara Tsang - User Research Specialist - Myplanet
Cara Tsang
User Research Specialist

Personalized marketing: Even if you haven’t directly noticed its influence, you’ve undoubtedly experienced it. Personalized marketing is taking over the consumer space, but it’s not only consumers that expect personalization these days. Research shows that over 50% of business buyers also want some sort of personalization when they visit vendor sites.

Having personalized content on your digital properties isn’t just good for user experience, it’s good for business. From increased sales, to higher conversions, to greater successes in nurturing leads, personalized content means a boost to your bottom line. Join our discussion to learn how you can use personalized content to smooth your buyer’s journey from discovery to purchase. We’ll also talk about some important caveats to watch out for, to help ensure your personalization efforts don’t inadvertently lead you or your buyers down the wrong path. 

In this webinar, you'll also learn the importance of personalization and why localization is a very important part of that strategy. In fact, localization is the first and most important step to providing a personalized and relevant interaction with your customers. 

This webinar will cover:

  • Why personalization is so important 
  • Why internationalized personalization should be part of your strategy 
  • Tips for optimizing your personalization strategy 
  • Tools that can easily help you translate your site 
  • And more!

Following the webinar, the first 3 respondents will receive a free Personalization, UX, and Localization Readiness Check-up for their website.



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