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Translation Workflow Made Easy

With legacy translation software comes technical complexity that makes you want to pull out your hair. And when that complexity adds professional service costs and delays to your translation process, your hair is the least of your concerns.

Optimizing translation workflows ensures you can meet translation delivery and quality SLAs. With Lingotek’s intuitive yet powerful interface, customizing your workflows to include a sophisticated multi-vendor strategy can’t get any easier.


Worry-Free Application Integration

Critical to the translation workflow is getting content from applications, translating it, then publishing it back into the application. Old, premise-based translation software wasn’t built to support third-party integrations. That’s why their style of integration comes with custom-programming costs.

Lingotek’s cloud-based translation platform was built with native application integration in mind. How else would we be able to deliver time-saving workflows that include automating the delivery of translated content back into its native application?

Lingotek is an API-first translation platform written with simple and intuitive RESTful APIs that just work!

Are you tired of paying thousands for custom multi-lingual workflows? Move to Lingotek’s translation cloud where we simplify creating workflows!

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