Language Matters

Joe is responsible for all translations at the DMV.

We all want to be famous, but not for the wrong thing. You see, Joe printed thousands of driving manuals with an incorrect translation.


Quality Expectations and the Importance of Context

Not all content is alike, so to maximize your localization spend, you want to be sure to pay for higher quality translations for highly visible, long-lasting content. 

In the case of Joe, he probably should have invested a little more time and money into the quality of the translation. Who knows what other land mines are waiting in that Drivers’ Manual.

If he had simply informed his vendors that the content was for a Driver’s Manual, that probably would have been enough, but paying a little extra money for a quality review would have spared him the embarrassment and costs of a reprint.


Free Quality Evaluation

One of the more popular services Lingotek provides is Linguistic Quality Evaluation (LQE). As part of this service, our professional reviewers provide detailed feedback on the quality of the translation, the errors found, and their impact on the Quality Score. The results are then compiled into a summarized report, to help everyone in the supply chain improve the quality of the final product.

As a [Slator] subscriber, we’re extending you the offer of a free Quality Evaluation of up to 5 documents and 3000 words, in a language of your choice. 

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