Lithium Connector Brings the Wow Factor: Real-Time Translation in Community Platforms

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Lithium Connector Brings the Wow Factor: Real-Time Translation in Community Platforms

Lithium Connector Brings the Wow Factor: Real-Time Translation in Community Platforms

About the Client

Lingotek’s client provides security platform solutions to enterprises, service providers, and government entities worldwide. It is the next-generation security company, leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling applications and preventing cyber breaches for tens of thousands of organizations worldwide. Built with an innovative approach and highly differentiated cyber threat prevention capabilities, their game-changing security platform delivers security far superior to legacy or point products, safely enables daily business operations, and protects an organization’s most valuable assets. The company offers a next generation firewall for around 31,000 customers in more than 140 countries and has been sanctioned by the United States Department of Defense, as well as several other high-profile agencies around the globe.

About iTalent

iTalent Corporation

iTalent Corporation is a global technology consulting services and cloud integration company. iTalent partners with leading technology companies to bring innovative solutions to 

market. The company has been recognized for numerous industry awards including its groundbreaking solutions for the digital enterprise. iTalent is a global WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise Technology Consulting services company providing highly skilled expert resources in a broad range of disciplines, while at the same time delivering exceptional service and outstanding business value for its customers. iTalent is the creator of the Lingotek - Inside Lithium Connector.

About Lithium

LithiumLithium is social business software that provides a central management portal for the customer social media experience. Companies use Lithium to manage customer forums, discussion boards, community knowledge bases, and social media feedback.


The company needed a solution to break down the language barrier for its Lithium community platform users. To serve its global customer base, they needed to find an efficient and cost-effective way to localize community forums. They were using split community strategies that required tedious cutting and pasting of translations and additional staff to manage them. With split communities, there was little collaboration and no flow of information. The company was struggling with a product that didn’t scale for velocity or scope of discussion. This resulted in a fragmented sense of global purpose and companies were considering writing off locales because they couldn’t enable communication in certain languages.


Lingotek - Multilingual Translation APICombining iTalent’s expertise in digital transformation with Lingotek’s translation capabilities, the team was able to create a unique platform integration for Lithium’s client base to improve the overall execution of their business in global markets. Built on Lingotek’s open multilingual API, the Lingotek - Inside Lithium Connector integrates with user profile management for the company. When users select a language in Lithium, it automatically triggers translation in discussion forums and knowledge base articles, so users can understand and engage in discussions in their native language.


The Lingotek - Inside Lithium Connector supports the company’s global customer community initiatives by helping to connect and support security professionals tasked with protecting their organizations against the evolving cybersecurity threat spectrum. The connector provides real-time user-selected machine translation for both forums and documentation. Currently, there are non-English speakers participating in three different community threads in four different languages.

When you can ask a question in one language and someone can provide an answer in a different language–all in the same thread–that’s the magic right there. That’s the real wow factor.

– Director of Global Customer Communities  

 “When you can ask a question in one language and someone can provide an answer in a different language–all in the same thread–that’s the magic right there. That’s the real wow factor.” – Director of Global Customer Communities

Operational Efficiency

The company has realized several operational benefits since using the Lingotek - Inside Lithium Connector, including greater departmental efficiency, better quality, faster translation, and cost savings by leveraging translation memories (TM) and glossaries. They also:

  • Improved quality of machine translation
  • Effectively leveraged translation memory and glossaries
  • Streamlined departmental efficiency
  • Optimized use of resources

The director of global customer communities at the company has spent over 20 years building software products, growing online communities, and leading worldwide digital marketing strategy and programs. He described the Lingotek - Inside Lithium Connector as a solution that “literally makes the barriers of language go away.” The connector allows a flow of ideas and collaboration without the typical barriers experienced when users don’t share a language.

Increased Customer Engagement

One of the key benefits is that the company can add a new level to its service by automating translation with the Lingotek - Inside Lithium Connector, further helping its customers to connect, engage, and understand its clientele. With the Lingotek - Inside Lithium Connector, users can enter a discussion forum and write a question in English. Someone in another country can then read that question as it is being dynamically translated into their language from a preselected language list. They can type an answer to the question in their language and the connector will immediately translate it back into English. The director described the ability to translate in a dynamic global community forum as “magic.”

Lingotek + iTalent + Lithium = Measurable Results

  • Non-English speakers participating in 3 community threads in 4 languages
  • Translation of over 6,000 discussion threads in 3 months
  • 54 threaded replies (12 non-English, 42 English) in the first 3 months • Increased customer engagement
  • 66.6% uplift in Japanese participating threads
  • 50% uplift in Spanish participating threads
  • 28.5% uplift in Chinese participating threads
  • 25% uplift in German participating threads

Next Steps

The company is planning on expanding its use of the Lingotek- Inside Lithium Connector and investigating more ways to incorporate the connector into its overall platform strategy. About Lingotek Lingotek | The Translation Network Lingotek’s Translation Network is the only cloud-based solution to connect all your global content in one place, giving you the power to manage your brand worldwide. Our industryleading technology pairs with the best enterprise applications to continuously push dynamic multilingual content to all of your global markets. Finally. Networked translation.

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