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Lingotek Multimedia & Audiovisual Translation Services

Professional Localization of e-Learning, Audiovisual, Film, Games & More

Lingotek Language Services can translate much more than text-based content. We can provide expert translation of all kinds of content across multiple media channels--web, video, audio, print, even social media. Lingotek customers can find translation for a variety of services, including desktop publishing, post-editing, project management, review, software and website localization, subtitling, transcription, vendor management and voice-over work from around the world---within your enterprise applications.

Translating E-Learning and Training Courses

For enterprises that conduct e-learning and online training, Lingotek offers the industry’s most advanced tools for localizing course content. Our cloud-based, cutting-edge technology routes translated course data at scale and in real-time, replacing cumbersome offline processes that threaten the usability and accuracy of course content.

Our connectors integrate and automate translation inside all of the top learning management systems (LMS) and any content management systems (CMS) that may be used to support your e-learning projects. Learn how Lingotek was able to take a complex Johns Hopkins health e-learning initiative and make it multilingual, using a continuous translation process. Read the John Hopkins E-Learning Case Study.

Audiovisual Translation

Our Language Services team provides expert transcription, script creation, time-stamping, and subtitling services. We work with multilingual voice talent and studios across the globe to offer quality localization of your multimedia content.

Translating Subtitles

Lingotek translators are using the latest in subtitling technology. It allows them to open a YouTube video up in our industry-leading In-Context Workbench (ICW), preview the video, and then use the segment notes to see where in the video they need to jump to in order to see a given subtitle.  Lingotek’s Vice President of Product Development, Larry Furr, calls it “pretty cool stuff.”

Voice-Over, Dubbing & Transcription

Lingotek Language Services includes providing you with the best localization talent for voice-over and dubbing for film, television, and video as well as transcription services.

Video Game Localization & Translation

To successfully localize video game applications and to maintain translations as the application changes, you need a way to quickly identify and export UI strings for translation. Lingotek can integrate our industry-leading translation management system with your application’s code repository to automate the process of identifying the UI strings, getting them translated, and round-tripping them back into your code repository. Lingotek offers connectors for both git and subversion (SVN), so you can leverage continuous deployment systems to provide continuous translation.

We also offer professional translation services for video game localization. Romina Castroman, Senior Localization Project Manager at Lingotek, enjoys the QA stage of video game localization. When working with a well-known video game client, she said she wasn’t the only one who thought the best part of the project was the quality check. “We had local people come in, download the app on their phone, and test the translation of the video game. They loved it, because they got to play the game before it came out on the market, and they got paid to do it.”

Have questions or want additional information about translating your multimedia files? Contact us: US: +1(801)331-7777 UK: +44 (0)1628 421525 or go to

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