Lingotek Helps Marketo Users Translate in 250+ Languages

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Lingotek Helps Marketo Users Translate in 250+ Languages


Lingotek Helps Marketo Users Translate in 250+ Languages

Personalize Customer Experience & Improve Engagement with Lingotek - Inside Marketo Connector

The ultimate in customer experience is speaking your customer’s language. Creating content in their native language personalizes the experience and increases engagement with your message. That’s what automated marketing is all about--delivering highly personalized experiences!

The Lingotek - Inside Marketo Connector can help you improve that experience by translating your marketing automation content--emails, templates, landing pages, etc.--directly inside Marketo.

The connector helps users create on-demand translation into 250+ languages. It comes with a built-in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool--the Lingotek TMS workbench. The connector can extract several different types of content from Marketo and send it to Lingotek for translation. Once the linguist completes the translation in Lingotek, the connector pushes the content back into Marketo, automatically rebuilding the multilingual version of the asset. No knowledge of Marketo or coding on the part of the translator is required!

Translate Marketo landing pages, emails, templates & more!

The Lingotek - Inside Marketo Connector can help you translate your Marketo:

  • Landing pages
  • Emails
  • Email templates
  • Forms
  • Landing page templates
  • Snippets
  • Dynamic content

Experience the benefits of translating inside Marketo

  • Save on training and licensing fees
    Integrating translation inside of Marketo saves you the time and expense of training your linguists don’t have to be trained on  an entirely new system. The connector is embedded within Marketo, so your translation project management team will be requesting translations in a platform they are already familiar with. No additional license fees for linguists to work within Marketo are required.
  • 5,000+ professional linguists
    Lingotek has a network of over 5,000+ in-country, rigorously verified professional linguists. All of our translators are native speakers of the target language and recognized experts in their subject areas.
  • Reduce administrative costs
    Administrators can manage translation for any number of languages within a single app and reduce the number of staff needed to manage translation.
  • Ensure security and privacy
    Keep translations private until you are ready to publish. Content stored in the Lingotek cloud is fully secured and kept private to your organization. Role-based authorization ensures that users only see data components to which they’ve been granted access.

Have questions or want additional information about the Lingotek - Inside Marketo Connector? Contact a Lingotek professional today: US: +1(801)331-7777 UK: +44 (0)1628 421525 or go to


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