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Tailored Translation Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

Experience the Benefits of Networked Translation

The life sciences industry faces unique translation challenges. Healthcare providers must have access to the most accurate and up-to-date global health information and training so they can deliver quality healthcare and improve patient health outcomes worldwide.

Lingotek’s tech-enabled localization strategies are designed to help the life sciences sector effectively manage global health information initiatives and improve the accuracy and efficiency of online training and health information to make a positive impact on patient care and community health around the world.

What We Offer

Delivering Continuous Localization Capabilities To The World  - Unified Technology AND Services

The Lingotek Translation Network includes Professional Language Services, a cloud-based translation management system (TMS) and Lingotek - Inside Connectors to give you 24/7 translation capability to maximize the accuracy of your published health information. Our tech-forward tools and services will make you more agile and responsive in the highly-regulated life sciences environment.

Translation that ensures accurate, up-to-date health information

  • Real-time, integrated translation management for multilingual health content including
    • Websites
    • Global Health Learning Management Systems
    • Knowledge Base Articles & Information

Integrated translation that resides securely within your systems

  • We integrate translation within your CRM, CMS, eCommerce platforms, knowledge bases, product and support documentation, social business software, marketing automation suites, desktop files, and software
  • Centralized governance and control
  • Customizable translation workflows to include additional layers of review and approval
  • Cloud-based security to ensure your information remains private
  • Role-based authorization to control access

Translation tools & language service experts in medical terminology

  • Cloud-based translation management ensures continuous delivery of accurate health and product information
  • Convenient management of your linguistic assets--glossaries, style guides, and translation memories--for cost-efficient and accurate reuse of medical terminology
  • Professional linguists who are subject matter experts ensure continuous delivery of multilingual content that is scientifically accurate and appropriate for the local language, region, and culture.


Our Featured Life Sciences Industry Customers

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Why The Translation Network ?

Some reasons why you should choose the Translation Network for your new multilingual project.


Get realtime visibility and actionable data across all of your translation assets

100+ Languages

Full-scale translation services in more than 100 languages


Neighborhood localization by a vast network of 5000+ professional and community linguists

Glossary and Style Guides

Glossary and style guide development to ensure consistency in terminology

Quality Assurance

Automated quality assurance


Continuous collaboration with native speakers

Application Connectors

Industry-leading connectors for in-context translation and review, design, and desktop publishing


Realtime project monitoring and intelligence

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Experience the Benefits of Networked Translation


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