How Lingotek Translation Connectors Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency & Protect Your Brand

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How Lingotek Translation Connectors Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency & Protect Your Brand

How_Lingotek_Translation-Connectors _Reduce_Costs,_Improve_Efficiency_&_Protect_Your_Brand

Lingotek connectors bring translation inside your content’s native environment, giving you the power to reduce translation costs, improve your efficiency, and protect your brand worldwide. Our industry-leading, integrated technology pairs with the best enterprise applications to continuously push dynamic multilingual content to all of your global markets. Lingotek connects your company to the world. 

The high cost of translation silos
Global enterprises often have several different departments, each managing their own translations and working with different language services providers (LSPs). This leads to working in silos, with no easy way to integrate translation between them. That means you’re probably paying to translate the same content over and over again. It’s expensive, it can lead to inconsistent messaging and branding, and it limits corporate oversight, governance, and control.

Translating in silos is expensive,
it can lead to inconsistent messaging and branding,
and it limits corporate oversight, governance, and control.

Those silos can exist even in a single department. Modern marketing organizations use several different software applications to manage their email marketing, website, knowledge bases, ecommerce, etc. A recent report by Forrester reported that among U.S. enterprises with revenues of more than $1 billion, 62% of respondents had five or more content repositories, and 36% had 10 or more repositories. The same report notes, that for those who work with a language translation provider, only 29% had direct integration with their web CMS.

Lingotek Inside - Connectors: the translation integration solution
Lingotek offers connectors, integration, and open, multilingual API that can directly integrate into your existing systems and eliminate the need to translate in silos.

Lingotek - Inside Connectors lets you save on the cost of translation by increasing the efficiency and speed of the process for creating and managing multilingual content. Users can work on a familiar interface without additional training, which is also a real time saver. The faster you can generate translated content, the faster your company can enter foreign markets and realize new revenue opportunities.

It’s also more secure. You get added control when your information resides within your system. You don’t have to go through the slow, inefficient, and unsecured process of sending files out to be downloaded onto a separate server used by the translator or translation services company.  

Lingotek connectors integrate translation seamlessly
inside your existing applications improving your efficiency, visibility, and control.

Lingotek’s open, cost-efficient multilingual API
A multilingual API provides an easy way to integrate enterprise applications with a translation management system (TMS). Lingotek’s multilingual API lets you easily upload source content for translation, have the content automatically translated, and download the translated content back into the original application. You can access useful computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools within the TMS like translation workflows, centralized cloud-based translation memory (TM), and machine translation (MT).

Beware of expensive, closed API!
Our open API interfaces are free and publicly available and use RESTful architecture, which is the latest technology and the industry standard. They’re easier and less expensive to develop and customize. Some of our competitors use a private API that is closed and proprietary, meaning developers outside of the company cannot access them. Closed APIs require using and paying for in-house developers to make the integrations work for you. If the translation provider uses older, non-standard conventions, it can lead to expensive coding requirements.

Custom CMS integration? No problem
Your  company might need to customize your content management system (CMS) integrations. Not all systems can be used right out of the box. When it comes to customizing–adding apps, integrations, and connectors--Lingotek connectors have the ability to work well with your applications and integrate nicely within your existing systems.

Our pre-built API calls are built can using industry standard practices, which can drastically shorten development time. Those calls make it easier for Lingotek to create a custom solution for you. Other translation companies use non-standard solutions that can lead to excessive custom coding, which can be expensive and time consuming.

Lingotek is the industry leader when it comes to connectors and integrations.

Lingotek is the industry leader when it comes to connectors and integrations. Lingotek has more connectors than the competition. Many companies claim they have a connector, but if they are not listed on a CMS app exchange, they may not actually have a true integration. In addition, Lingotek has connectors that no one else has.

When researching translation connectors, Lingotek offers superior integration that gives you greater efficiency, visibility, and control.

Do you have questions or want additional information about Lingotek connectors, custom integrations, and our open, multilingual API? Contact us US +1(801)331-7777 or outside the US +44 (0)1628 421525, send an email to, or go to our website:

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