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Lingotek has been translating and comparing files on our cloud-based Translation Network for nearly ten years. The Lingotek platform is built on a unique combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to identify and compare terms and concepts. The cloud-based platform has been trained and tuned through the analysis of over 500,000 documents to provide the highest degrees of accuracy and speed. DocCompare uses a comprehensive network of workflows, memories vaults, glossaries, and terminologies that can extract contractual terms, clauses, and provisions for contract discovery and contract analytics. 

Comprehensive Indexing of Data

DocCompare is based in the cloud. It can extract large amounts of data and scale to any project size on the fly. It can “learn” an organization’s specific terminology, business models, and legal language to provide a rich analytics platform for an entire portfolio of contracts. The output of DocCompare is a comprehensive index of all contract data that can be searched, sorted, reviewed, compared, and integrated with business systems such as ERP, CRM, Contract Lifecycle Management, and many others. 

Immediate, Actionable Intelligence

DocCompare intelligence is immediate, accurate, and actionable. You can even compare multilingual contracts that have been previously translated. Once contracts within an organization are uploaded, they are placed into a centralized database with advanced search engine functionality for review and further processing. Lingotek can also perform Entity Extraction across portfolios of contracts, even across languages. This means organizations can quickly extract discrete data points such as dates, durations, percentages, etc., and insert them into our reporting tool or load them into other business applications to get a very clear and precise picture of contract “hot spots.”

  • Get the wording change percentage between old and new contracts.
  • Compare similar wording – not just exact wording
  • Compare text from different file types – PDF, DOC, XML, and more.
  • Accurately compare wording – even if a paragraph has moved, or text was deleted.

Enhanced Security of Cloud-Based Technology

Backed by Amazon Web Services, Lingotek’s cloud-based technology is designed to deliver exceptional security. 

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • SSL certificates
  • Data at rest capabilities (as offered by AWS)
  • User creation and maintenance policy
  • Independent third-party penetration testing

Customizable for Your Business

Lingotek’s analytics capabilities empower customers to teach and refine the DocCompare platform based on language, specialized terms, business-specific provisions, and contextual rules from their own contract portfolios. Users can create custom extraction policies that discover, extract, and warn on contractual terms and clause combinations of specific interest to their business. It also retains that intelligence for ongoing contract analysis.

Seamless Integration With Your Systems

DocCompare provides pre-built modules to exchange contract data with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems and leading Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This means organizations can maximize the value of those systems that consume and utilize contract information during an initial migration and for ongoing analysis.

Ensure Greater Accuracy and Efficiency

DocCompare can save several man hours and decrease your error rate by directing your professional review team to hot-spot areas. Increase efficiency by skipping review of sections that have not changed. This allows your teams to miss less and to focus on the most important content using our automated tools. DocCompare lets you streamline workflows by automating  assignments and notifications. You can modify professional review steps to add more or less, depending on your needs. You can even annotate down to the sentence.


Contact Me Download the Product Brief Become a Partner

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Why The Translation Network ?

Some reasons why you should choose the Translation Network for your new multilingual project.


Get realtime visibility and actionable data across all of your translation activities.

250+ Languages

Full-scale translation services in more than 250 languages.


Neighborhood localization by a vast network of 5000+ professional and community linguists who are all native speakers.

Glossary and Style Guides

Translation memories (TM), glossary, and style guide development to ensure consistent use of your terminology.

Quality Assurance

Automated spelling and grammar checks and linguistic quality assurance inside Lingotek’s Workbench provide powerful tools for improving overall translation quality.

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time chat and segment-specific notes for instant collaboration lets translators and reviewers see each other's edits in real-time.  

Connectors, API

Industry-leading connectors integrate in-context translation and review, design, and desktop publishing inside your enterprise applications.

Real-Time Data & Business Intelligence

Real-time project monitoring and data collection to inform strategic decision making.

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