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If your company is expanding to a new market or creating different translations of your product, it’s critical to create quality content that is cross-cultural and conceptual rather than a simple linguistic or literal equivalent. This will help keep your content relevant and even personalized for target audiences while also meeting SEO demands.

A key to creating and translating quality content is choosing the right language experts. In 21st century matchmaking, there are more proverbial “fish in the sea” than ever before.

To help you find the right language expert for your business, we’ve created a matchmaking guide for the process of selecting and facilitating interactions with language experts that can meet your company’s growing product lines and global needs.

4 Things to Look for in Your Perfect Match

As a technology-driven translation services company, Lingotek has over a thousand vendors in our database. With locale-based expertise in over 250+ languages, it’s critical to find a linguist who understands locale-based language nuances as well as your company’s technical needs. A vendor manager is the best facilitator to cull through thousands of linguists and find the right fit for your company’s needs.

A vendor manager will save your company time and money by facilitating the matchmaking process between your company and a linguist. In an initial interview, an experienced vendor manager will be able to identify your brand values and business needs and proceed to find your perfect match. Here’s how a great vendor manager will help you find the right linguist for your needs.


Manage people and processes

A vendor manager curates the best linguistic experts in the industry. Your vendor manager should make sure that your linguists have:

    • Top certifications (ATA, ITI, CATTI, LISA, etc.)  
    • Security protocols to assure confidentiality. This may include signing an NDA to make sure that your trade secrets and IP assets are protected. 
    • Sampling so you can be a part of the process and choose or rate vendor samples to find the right fit for your project.


Identify the right translator based on your needs

Regional needs

Do you need a Spanish translator for the EU or Mexico? These localized translations look and feel very different for native speakers. They should also be optimized for local SEO according to locale specifics. Translators should understand localization versus translation to be able to get you in front of the right audiences.

Technical needs

A vendor manager understands the niche sector and differentiating capabilities of each linguist. With the right tools, they can carefully match a linguist’s skills to your company’s specific scope of work and customers.

Stylistic needs

A vendor manager also has an in-depth understanding of different tones, styles, and time-sensitive cultural shifts. Translation is often augmented by machine learning that learns your style and can save costs with identical matches.

However, some text translation can be a “fuzzy match,” meaning that the style and tone of the company come into play where machine translation simply does not cut it. Different tones or registers have different effects on a reader. The right linguist will understand “an issue of the utmost importance” versus a “key issue” and the different levels of engagement connotations of brand image that each may communicate.

Social and cultural norms also change quickly and marketers must be on the forefront of those shifts, as using outdated terminology can quickly turn into a PR disaster. Vendor managers work with your team to make sure that your translators stay socially and culturally relevant to your industry while also working at a pace that keeps your schedules and timelines in mind.


Manage desktop publishing software and other multimedia processes

The production of professional quality, print-ready materials using specialized software has replaced manual typesetting and paste-up. Teams can now collaborate from across the globe remotely. That makes it even more critical that your project is managed with integrated tools that make collaboration seamless.

These integrations will cut down on overhead costs and time, allowing your team to focus on producing quality content and less inefficient duplications and unnecessary conversions to meet various technology needs.

Post-translation sometimes necessitates different layouts. For example, if a language reads from right to left (such as Arabic) it may require different layout needs than one reading left to right. Other layout differences often include date formats, numbers, or culturally relevant images.

It is critical that your vendor manager oversee the additional elements and be able to manage layouts in real-time between your team and language experts. The difference could mean drastic differences in user experience, conversion rates, and project time and costs.


Verify and measure all final content against expectations

By using Computer-Assisted Technologies (CAT), Linguistic Quality Evaluations (LQE), and Translation Management Software (TMS), a good vendor management system maximizes efficiencies and optimizes automation.

With premium management and evaluation software, vendor managers should be able to provide analyses of current processes and workflows with recommendations and improvements. These tools also provide transparency and performance metrics for your company while also building agile workflows.

The right tools prioritize the best security. Companies should be able to rely on a comprehensive data security protocol that includes multi-tier permissions groups. That way, when creating a new project, a project manager can choose who to share the project with. Lingotek’s role-based authorization ensures that intellectual property is protected.

Final Considerations: Risks, Costs, and Suitability

When deciding on a language expert, measure the cost of bringing on a linguistic expert against the opportunity that such expertise could add to the translation of the content. The right expert matched to your brand could significantly impact the product quality and brand image.

Lingotek provides experienced vendor managers to work with you to mitigate risks and can turn them into opportunities to increase quality, speed on delivery, and reduce costs. Our premium software, dedicated vendor managers, real-time connectors, and quality evaluation tools continuously provide opportunities to save money and time, reduce risk to quality, and ensure style consistency, and management transparency.

To learn more about Lingotek’s premium services contact us today. Our vendor managers are ready to find your ideal match and help you take the next step in enhancing your translations and growing your business.

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