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Putting the Agility in Agile at Lingotek

"We have put far too much emphasis on “being Agile,” when what we should be doing is to figure out how to add more agility into how we do things, whether it’s software development or marketing, or frankly, anything." Lingotek Vice President of Program Management, Nick Ramond, shares his thoughts on Putting the Agility in Agile at Lingotek.

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Do Drupal and Digital Right in 2018: Know Where and How to Start

How do you localize a website in multiple languages to drive increased conversion using the user’s native tongue?  Do you build a new website for each language?  No! Our digital partner, Mediacurrent, looks to their Network Translation partner, Lingotek, and our Drupal 8 Module.

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How Lingotek Translation Connectors Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency & Protect Your Brand


Lingotek connectors bring translation inside your content’s native environment, giving you the power to reduce translation costs, improve your efficiency, and protect your brand worldwide. Learn how Lingotek connects your company to the world.

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How Lingotek Uses AI to Optimize Vendor Management


Linogtek's applies an AI-driven rules engine to simplify the complexity of Vendor Management. Our latest TMS app creates a foundation for trigger-based automation, rule-driven systems, and data collection to enhance the efficiency of managing multiple language services vendors.

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How the Experience Web Will Finally Eradicate the Language Barrier


The experience web brings customized content from every imaginable source and delivers it, no matter where you are, or what device you’re using. We’re close to achieving a 21st-century rosetta stone. Is your business ready?

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Forget Mobile. Experience-Ready is The New Standard for Doing Business


As the experience web grows, creating original content is essential, but look for ways to localize it, so that you don’t have to re-develop your online presence for every new language a customer speaks.

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Building Authentic Experiences on the Internet of Things


To gain a foothold in the Internet of Things, savvy brands must think about global content in new ways, and understand that devices themselves are part of the localization equation. 

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Lingotek + DrupalCon Nashville 2018

Lingotek + DrupalCon Nashville 2018

Lingotek is gearing up for one of the biggest Drupal events of the year! DrupalCon Nashville 2018 is April 9-13 in Tennessee. Get the inside scoop on which sessions to look for, what’s going on in the Lingotek booth, and how to get a free Super Drupal t-shirt.

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How Lingotek Uses AI to Agilize Translation Workflows


In November 2017, Common Sense Advisory (CSA) published an article encouraging commercial software vendors to take steps toward “agilizing workflow.” We want the folks at CSA to know that Lingotek is already there. Learn how Lingotek is using the latest in AI technology to agilize workflows, translation management, and streamline efficiency.


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How to Mind Details at Scale


It’s become normal for content to be scattered between CMSs, email, social media, intranets, and other silos. Workers on average spend 19 percent of their time looking for information. What’s an efficiency-minded company to do? 

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